3 Cool DIY Emoji Crafts

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We all use emojis on our phones to express ourselves to other people. Emoji is a language of sentiment that is everywhere in the world. For example, when someone is happy he uses smiley emoji no matter which part of the world he belongs to. That’s why emojis are universal because their meaning never changes over time or place. With these emojis, you can decorate your craft too. You can add emoji style and make even awesome DIY crafts. If you want to know what you can make then do check out the below-mentioned 3 cool DIY emoji crafts ideas. These are specifically for kids since they love to be creative all the time.

Emoji Jars For Home

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Have you ever thought about making jars more entertaining? In this idea, we can turn a simple har into something more extraordinary. You can use specific emojis on each jar at your home. Just bring some yellow paint, brushes, and markers. With your creativity, you can draw cool emojis on your jar from outside. But remember to let it dry for a couple of hours. These cute jars can be utilized as decoration on shelves or in your kitchen. You may use them as regular utensils as well. 

Do It Yourself Emoji Ornaments

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You can make amazing jewels or ornaments at home with materials such as threats, wooden discs, craft foam, and so on. For the decoration part, all you need is some markers and yellow spray paint. These are the ornaments that you can use for a longer time and there will be no remorse even if you lose any as you can always make more. From Christmas to any other festival, emoticons or emoji ornaments are suitable for every occasion. You may also give them to your friends and families during the holiday season. 

Beach Ball With Emojis 

Emojis or emoticons are present in everyone’s lives. For this idea, you require a solid yellow ball along with paint pens. Simply, draw the emotion of your choice on the surface then let it dry. This will be a really fun activity no matter if you are a kid or grown-up. Take the ball to the beach or vacation and have fun.


Emojis are widely used for expressing oneself and they are used in every part of the world with identical meanings. With these emojis, you can decorate your craft too. Kids can make emoji-centric creative work by taking inspiration from emojis. Here are 3 cool DIY emoji crafts ideas that even children can make. The first one is emoji jars for home which can be used as decorative or regular vessels. Then do-it-yourself emoji ornaments which are fun to make and look beautiful all the time. Beach balls painted with emojis are amazing too.

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