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animation schools

Most people are unaware of how important animation is in their everyday lives. Animation is employed in advertising, research, travel, video games, and healthcare, in addition to television and entertainment, making it a significant part of our everyday life. Because of the continuous advancement of technology, future job opportunities in animation will only expand. Successful animators bring visuals to life in real-time, from designing website graphics in After Effects to reconstructing a crime scene from iPhone photos. They must have a keen eye for detail, be skilled in the art of movement, and be able to translate what they perceive in the real world into animation.

Top Animation Schools Of The US

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The School of Visual Arts is a public art school in New York City.

The School of Visual Arts in New York offers a BFA in Animation program that equips students with all of the necessary skills. Professional animators employ the most up-to-date animation software and technology, and students learn how to use it.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design, like many other universities offering animation programs, exposes students to a range of animation styles. Students are taught how to animate in a variety of ways, including documentary, character, stop motion, and computer animation, to mention a few.

Florida State University is a public university in Tallahassee

A BFA in Motion Picture Arts with an Animation and Digital Arts focus is available at Florida State University. The seminar delves into the many diverse ways that animation may be used in the film business.

California’s Laguna College of Art & Design

One of the greatest animation institutions in California, Laguna College of Art and Design, provides an animation degree focused on developing excellent storytellers.

The University of Pennsylvania 

The School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania offers a Digital Media Design program. To give a comprehensive spectrum overview of digital media in today’s world, the program blends 3D animation software abilities with motion graphics and computer information and sciences.

Animation School Program Features

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Many animation institutions now offer degrees in the discipline as the animation continues to develop across sectors. Not all animation degrees, however, give the same level of expertise. The top animation programs in the following list all meet the following criteria:

  • The job placement rate is at an all-time high.
  • Video editing and animation software that is up to date
  • Animation training in 3D
  • Motion capture training
  • Storyboarding and scriptwriting classes are available.
  • High-end drawing tools and access

What To Look For When Choosing An Animation School?

All of the animation school programs on this list are also accredited, indicating that they meet or surpass standards for educational excellence. Furthermore, animation studios are more inclined to hire someone who has attended one of these colleges than someone who has not. The presence of noteworthy alumni who have been acknowledged in their industry is a hallmark of a good animation school. Exploring open-source and free animation software is an excellent approach to acquaint yourself with a profession as an animator if you’re interested in an animation degree. Blender, Pencil2D, OpenToonz, Toon Boom Harmony, Animaker, and Synfig Studio are examples of programs that are available for Linux, Windows, and OSX. Whether you’re utilizing Mac or Windows to make your animation fantasies come true, the internet is also full of explainer videos on various forms of animation.

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