Art Schools: Where to Find the Best Art Education

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The School of Visual Arts New York City, founded in 1947, is actually part of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD). It is one of several such schools in New York City. In fact, the school claims to be New York’s only completely online college. It is also one of only a handful of colleges that offer a complete degree program in the arts – an arts degree, that is. While other schools offer degrees in a combined fashion.

The school has two main branches – the School of Visual Arts and the School of Art Therapy and Design. In addition, there are also smaller courses available online. Some of these include New York University Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design, New York University Master of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts, and New York University Master of Arts in Multimedia. A special certificate called the GVA (General Arts) is given in conjunction with this certificate program.

If you are interested in this particular school of art, you might want to look into what types of courses are offered. The School of Visual Arts New York offers both the fine arts and the computer arts, along with computer technology courses. You may even find that they have art history, studio courses, and internships. Their computer art classes teach the basics of design and illustration. Other computer art programs offered are CAD courses in architectural visualization, the digital photography discipline, graphic design, film production and development, print design, sculpture, video art, computer aided drawing, music production, and art history.

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Another school of visual arts in New York is the School of Art Therapy and Design at the John Jay College of Hospitality Arts and Sciences. There are nine different studio courses that are offered each year. There is also a one year fellowship in Studio Studies. The graduate school of this school specializes in the field of art therapy, using psychology and cognitive methods of mental health. Their credits include mps art therapy, mfa art therapy, human resource management, mba, art education, psychology of learning and style, visual communications, print media, and creative mba.

Located in New York City, the Academy of Art University offers a program of study entitled the Academy of Art University Master of Fine Arts. This program is geared towards preparing students to work in the visual and performing arts. They teach a variety of fine arts courses such as dance, drama, music, visual arts, film, television, photography, print media, photography, digital media, computer graphics, and sculpture. Their credits include m FSA, mpt, mFA, mpoa, fi, ae, ai, in, a, e, a, and ph. Their program also allows elective flexibility, which allows elective courses to be completed on a part-time basis or at a full-time schedule. Their program also includes internships, student seminars, and professional development.

Located in Philadelphia, The College of Visual and Performing Arts is known for providing a number of fine arts education programs. They offer Associate Degrees, Bachelors Degrees, and Master’s Degrees. Their degree programs require students to complete a course of study that includes classes in visual arts education, dance, multimedia, television, and the performing arts. Their credits include mpls art education, mpt, mba, ai, in, a, b, c, e, and ph.

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Besides these schools, there are many other accredited art schools across the nation that offer high quality education. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh,heimer School of Art, California College of The Arts, New York Institute of Technology, San Francisco State University, Virginia College and University, and others are a few of the schools that provide this type of professional training. These schools help students to become professionals in their field of choice by giving them professional certification as well as relevant industry experience. These professional schools also offer job placement assistance after graduation.

As you can see, there are many art schools in the United States and abroad. Each offers unique programs that help working professionals to find their career direction. Many of these programs offer internship programs in the field that you wish to pursue. Using the resources available, you can get the education you want, whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the world.

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