Craft Paper Art: Types Of Paper You Can Use To Make Your Own Design

Craft paper art:Types of paper

In your childhood, you might have done Craft paper art. There are different varieties of paper to use in this papercraft. To make this, some people tend to get confused in searching for the right one. By craft paper, we can create a collection of arts by implementing either the two or three-dimensional strategy. However, The design makes most of the paper art worth using it as gifts card and more.

Craft Paper Art: Types Of Paper
Craft Paper Art: Types Of Paper

Top Craft Papers To Use In Art:

  • Cardstock

The cardstock paper is not that heavy like other crafting paper. Although you might find them denser than the printer’s paper. The craft paper is widely used in creating pieces of stuff like a gift, wedding cards, and more. Some companies have even started customizing the cardstock paper with different types of features. Moreover, The texture and colour of cardstock officially customized by the designers. It helps to match different crafting styles. Above all, The craft paper is acid-free and widely used among other crafting paper.

  • Construction Paper

Construction paper is the best crafting paper widely used in crafting children’s toys. The paper material is almost available in every shop because it is quite cheaper than the cardstock material. Although the only issue associated with the paper is that it is quite hard to fold when crafting. This craft paper will not use in creating a craft material that can last for a long time due to the sturdy material nature. It can be used in creating a quick craft that will dispose of after some time because the material colour fades quickly. You can see the construction paper in school as most teachers make use of the paper while teaching the crafts.

Craft paper art:Types of paper
Craft paper art: Types of paper

  • Corrugated Cardboard

The card designed with different types of patterns with sheets added inside the main cardboard. As the name sounds, corrugated cardboard is solid than other materials. The material is durable and can last for a long time to use in crafting. Although the material is solid, it has one downside when crafting. It is hard to cut because of its sturdy material nature. Hence, this can use in crafting that requires durable paper materials like creating houses, cars, spaceships, and other furniture.

  • Crepe Paper

The crepe paper is very light as a regular tissue paper, but with a firm texture, it is useful when crafting. The crepe paper can even stretch when crafting with it. It comes with different varieties of colours. It can roll together because of its thin material nature. The crepe paper is lovely to use in crafting, as it can use in creating paper flowers and other arts that require the use of thin paper to craft.

  • Kraft Paper

The kraft paper is a brown paper to use in packaging products. Sometimes it can use as a paper bag in some grocery stores. The sheet is very light like tissue having the same texture as a crepe paper. It can also use in creating thin arts like flowers.


No matter the type of paper you decide to use, you should be able to understand the kind of art you want to craft. It will enable you to get the perfect paper art that will match the paper art and last long for you. Crafting always remains a fun used by people, especially parents that help their child in creating craft paper art projects. The most impressive thing about crafting is the fact that there is no age limiting. Anyone with all their interest can practice crafting. All that you need to know the necessary crafting skills and knowledge.

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