DIY Kids Crafts: Fun and Useful Art Projects For Kids

diy kids crafts

If your child has long since been bugging you about his magical wand, then what are you waiting for? Here’s how you can create a magic wand from a simple pipe cleaner. When you’re looking for simple craft ideas for children to create at home, these fun DIY crafts using pipe cleaners for certain will surely love these cool DIY crafts!

Pipe cleaners are among the most popular DIY kid’s crafts. What is more interesting about this craft is that it is very simple to do. Your little child will be able to enjoy this craft without having any fear whatsoever. There are many advantages associated with this kind of activity. One of which is that it does not require any specific skill for the performance of the activity. This means that kids who are completely new to the activity would make use of their natural curiosity and talent in order to perform it successfully.

DIY Kids Crafts

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If you would like to learn how to create cute my kid’s crafts using pipe cleaners, there are a number of essential things that you will need for this project. Since you are going to use pipe cleaners, you will need to look for a pipe cleaner in the market. You may even try searching the net for these items. Once you have them, you are now ready for your first DIY kid’s craft.

The very first thing that you will need for your first day of kids’ crafts is an artist’s canvas. You may either use dry or wet paint for this purpose. Dry paint will obviously be cheaper than the wet variety. Once you have acquired this important item, you may now start doing your cute art projects. Here are some of the fun projects that you can undertake with your new oil paint:

DIY Crafts With Cardboard

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One of the easiest DIY kids crafts that you can undertake is creating handprints of different sizes on a piece of cardboard. All you have to do is allow your kid to trace the shape of his or her hand onto the cardboard with the help of his or her art hand. After the handprint has dried up, you can now attach it with the help of double-stick tape to form a handprint art.

DIY Crafts With Handkerchief Or Cloth

Another popular day kids crafts that you can undertake is making toilet paper rolls using your hands. All you have to do is dip the square of toilet paper roll into the glue and cover it with the used handkerchief or cloth. Once the glue has dried up, you can now use the rolled-up toilet paper to gently decorate the shape of your hand with paint. If you want to add more details to the handprint, you can now use the included paintbrush to create a design that can go well along with the theme of the occasion.

Painting Craft

Kids love playing with art projects that involve painting. A great way to encourage kids to take part in such crafts is to provide them with simple coloring books that contain different kinds of pictures. The entire family can take turns sitting down at a table and color the picture inside the book. This will also serve as a great time to bond and learn together. On rainy days, you can also teach your kids the value of raincoats by allowing them to color and dry their own little rain poncho.

Bottom Line

Finally, another exciting craft that you can undertake together with your kids is creating cute and colorful handmade photo frames. For this particular craft, all you need are brightly colored picture frame papers, scissors, rubber stamps, glue sticks, and glue. Your kids can use tape to stick the picture in the frame and make simple decorations by putting together pieces of toilet paper roll, glitter, buttons, and other inexpensive materials. Make sure that they do not overdo it by asking them to limit the number of colors that they want on the paper rolls.

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