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Can anybody make papercraft designs? Of course, yes, most certainly, mum sit s with the children nearby for maximum supervision. But, if you’re more technically minded, these templates will allow you to create papercraft designs that are great looking without taking up too much space in your home.

Star War Creations

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Perhaps papercraft templates can help with your Star Wars creations. There are some fantastic Star Wars papercraft templates on the market at the moment, and they are free. If you search on Google you’ll find there are papercraft designs for all the major characters. If you can’t get enough Star Wars then it may be worth spending a few dollars on a download page, as these downloads are usually quite detailed. There are also lots of Star Wars concept art sheets available, so if you want to print your own off, you can.

Star Power

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If you’re looking for a Star Trek craft, papercraft templates are very useful as well. Just Google “starpower” and there are many download pages available. I particularly like “sr papercraft starter packs” as they have lots of different ships and they are relatively inexpensive. You’ll have to look for the best Star Trek papercraft starter pack as there are some real gems out there. You can get these papercraft templates in A4 size files. Obviously you’ll need to convert them to a PDF before printing.

Lightsaber War

Star Wars concept art is widely available on the internet. I especially like “Shyguy wars”, “lightsaber wars” and “star trek ships”. All you have to do is find a good Star Trek download page and you’ll have several templates to choose from. I particularly like the ones that have the ships at different angles. You can also get papercraft templates of the characters as well as backgrounds for the scenes.


If you are a Star Wars fan you are probably aware that the main characters are all Force users. If you are going to make your own paper models then you will need a bunch of blue prints. These can be bought from Star Wars information websites or specialist papercraft suppliers. Another option is to visit your local Star Wars store and ask the sales clerk to check out the latest paper models. I am sure he’ll know where to go!

Hans Solo

Star Wars isn’t the only science fiction movie out there with paper models. Due to the success of Star Wars the following decades there are now paper models of nearly every science fiction film made. These paper toys are mostly based on the adventures of Luke, Hans Solo and the others. There is even one made for the original Star Wars film itself!

Final Words

The best place to start searching for Star Wars papercraft inspirations is on the internet. There are several different Star Wars message boards and communities that will provide you with lots of ideas. But don’t stop there. You can also search Google for Star Wars sites and download the free templates from these sites. They will contain many papercraft inspirations, including lots of the great alien designs that you have seen in the films.

Once you have downloaded your paper models there are two ways you can use them. Firstly, you can make more projects using these paper models, or you can print them off and frame them in your home. It really is up to you, but it is nice to know that you can make things from home! If you are a Star Wars fan then you are going to love making your own paper models. So don’t forget to check out the different free templates that are available online, and maybe you will find one that strikes your fancy.

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