How To Make Amazing And Eye-Catchy Paper Plate Turkeys Craft

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There is something about crafts made by those tiny hands which allure everyone. It’s the time for thanksgiving and what’s better than a fantastic paper plate turkeys craft to make with your child and gift to your loved ones. Your kids will enjoy making this craft and you all can spend time together doing this fun activity. 

Children usually engage in crafts during their leisure time or indulge just because they have the passion to practice crafts using the waste material. Several amazing crafts could be produced with the help of such materials. Various creative techniques are used to prepare three-dimensional objects too. The folds, curves, cuts, bends depict the neatness in one’s hand. Here, we give you an idea of how to make your own beautiful paper plate turkeys craft.

The Process To Make Your Rocking Paper Plate Turkeys Craft

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Gather All Materials

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You first need to collect all the supplies required for making your paper plate turkeys craft which can be readily available with your stationery shop. The material that you need includes brown paper plates, colored cardstock, googly eyes, scissors, and glue. 

Cut Out Shape For Paper Plate Turkeys Craft

The next and interesting step is to cut out all the shapes required to make a turkey. To make the feathers, draw your hand on the colored sheets and cut them out with the help of an adult. To make the nose cut out a triangle yellow beak and a wattle from the red paper. You already have the googly eyes, so you have pretty much assembled all the features of the turkey.

Stick Them To The Plate

Next comes the favorite part of kids which is to stick all these cuttings together onto the plate and see your creation coming live. Glue the feather handprints cut from the backside of the plate making a fan. Then, glue the nose and red wattle of the turkey at the front side of the plate. Do not forget to add the googly eyes.

Complete Your Turkey

Now take another brown paper plate and cut it in half. To make the turkeys headstrong, you can take the half cut plate and glue it to the head’s back . This will provide a strong base and you will be able to stand your paper plate turkey craft. If in case, it is not able to stand, carefully slide the two bottom parts away from each other.

Let The Paper Plate Turkeys Craft Sway

Once this is done, your turkey craft should be able to sway from side to side. This is surprisingly simple and easy to make and will be enjoyed by all the kids. 


Paper plate turkeys craft is a great idea to play and enjoy with and keep your kids indulged. It is also great for teaching kids the skill of balancing things and it would make for a sweet and thoughtful thanksgiving present. You can cut and shape your creativity on the paper plate with this craft.

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