How To Turn Your Sketch In Digital Art? -

How To Turn Your Sketch In Digital Art?

How To Turn Your Sketch In Digital Art?

Before the idea is getting a transfer through software, it gets craft on the paper. The ideating and sketching process is not only vital but also maintains workflow. No matter whether you have designed a new art on the poster with a different font, or paper, you can bring it to the computer. Learn essential methods to turn the paper sketch into digital art through this guide. We present a step-by-step process from design to digitization through different creative programs. 

How To Turn Your Sketch In Digital Art?
How To Turn Your Sketch In Digital Art?

Digital Art: Essential Tips

Before you start to digitalize your idea, follow these essential steps to ensure a smooth transition from sketch to the software.

Step One: Use Clean Paper FOr Digital Art

It is important to always begin with a blank piece of paper before you draw the sketch. For proper scanning, a white piece of writing is essential. Coloured papers hinder the digitalization process.

Step Two: Refine Your Sketch

The second step is to refine your sketch. Most of the designer and artists choose a loose, sketchy idea before they perfect their art. Use a pen or marker to highlight the superficial lines while drawing solid sketches. The excessive line can confuse your scans and will interfere in the digitalization process; that’s why to use an eraser. Try to use a clean eraser so that it doesn’t mess your sketch.

Step Three: Go Over Your Art Using Tracing Paper

Don’t forget this step as it makes the digitalization of sketch easier. The original design must be gone through a tracing using the tracing paper. The tracing paper covers most of the areas of the unique design due to its slight translucent feature. It polishes sketch even more beautifully. Thus, the designer sees a detailed outline before turning it into digital art.

How To Turn Your Sketch In Digital Art?
How To Turn Your Sketch In Digital Art?

Step Four: High-Resolution Paper Scanning

The last step is to scan your sketches before digitalizing it. It is to make sure the paper to software transition works well. It recommends scanning of your drawing at three hundred pixels per inch. A higher resolution gives crisper scanning. A high pixel per inch means superior quality because of greater pixel density. To provide a smooth blend of shape and colour, try a smaller pixel of your sketch.

Why Is Digital Art Scanning Essential?

Since we are digitalizing it here; you need to consider pixel density to digitalize your sketch. Once you complete with scanning, try to deliver it to flash drive straight to your computer. This step is essential, so don’t forget to do it. It can drastically affect your sketch digitalization.

Digital Art In Illustrator

Want to turn around your drawing into a vector? Use Adobe Illustrator that has full colours, tools, and effects for sketch digitalization. It is also for infinite smooth curves, scalabilities, and smaller sized files. First of all, bring your scanned sketch into an illustrator for creating a new document. Now give command+N to the adobe Illustrator and import the scanning using Shift+Command+P and choose the place. Now artboard will allow you to pop up within Adobe Illustrator.

Next Layer

Double-click to create layer upon layer. Now add the next layer using a folded square icon. Now apply, pen tool to adjust the curves and manipulate individual curves.

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