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rlcraft minecraft

Rlcraft is the new and one of the hardest mod packs to make minecraft more interesting and tough. Everything is new, it is not like the vanilla version. There are new structures throughout the game, new mobs and new biomes. Everything is different and one level up. When players first started to play, they died a lot. The toughest part is to pass first levels. It is not like old minecraft in which if you get to hit the tree then you get to enter. In this mod pack, if you punch the tree, you wouldn’t get any wood. You cannot use this method. That’s why it’s starting levels are very tough. Seems exciting, let’s discuss much more about this new mod pack Rlcraft of Minecraft.

New Structures

To start this game first you have to dig up gravel until you get the flint. You can throw the flint at the rock until it breaks.Then you must have to use a flint knife to dig up all the grass to get seeds and grass strings. When you get the grass string, then you can craft a hatchet. You can use this hatchet to cut down the tree. But you will not get as much as wood that you used to get in minecraft. This starting difference is one of the most major differences between Minecraft and Rlcraft.

Generated Structures

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Another difference between Minecraft and Rlcraft is that in minecraft there were few common naturally generated structures like desert temples, villages, woodland mansion, outposts, jungle temples and nether portal ruins. But in the Rlcraft, there is a wide variety of naturally built structures. There is a castle-like structure, where all the villagers live. This castle structure is protected by creatures or iron golems. Rlcraft also added many different kinds of large houses and mansions all around the map. There is a large variety of different structures that even experienced players may have not discovered yet.


The main reason behind Rlcraft being harder than the Vanilla version is that Rlcraft has an endless number of hostile mobs. They can spawn and roam around even during the day. In vanilla Minecraft, these hostile mobs can be seen only at night. There are swim monsters swimming across the oceans to fight with you. In addition, there are dragons around the map who are breathing fire on you, other players, villages, mansions and almost everything. And last but not the least there are reapers who rip the players out of their bed and kill them. There are several different tough challenges in this game.


In the end, we can say that Rlcraft is like a death sentence for new players. Surviving in this game is the most challenging thing. As there are few mins who are not hostile. You can even die due to hot weather in the desert. There are less water sources. Rlcraft gameplay is much harder than the Vanilla Minecraft version. To play Rlcraft, you have to pay $27 on the Minecraft website and buy it. Your game version should be 1.12.2 to load this mod pack. It is easy to install but hard to play. But you’ll enjoy this game a lot.

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