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The lockdown is still going on in the country. Staying at home for a long time is a big challenge in itself. Sitting at home, it is natural to be worried about the future or worried about loved ones. At this time, many women are finding it difficult to pass time, but if you use this time for some creative work at home, then not only can you make good use of it, but you can also drive away your boredom. If during this time you make the house beautiful with craft ideas, then how will it be? At this time, it is neither possible to bring decorative items from outside nor spend more than the budget, so why not use old things by giving them a new look and enhance the beauty of the house. with the help of pinterest craft ideas.

We are going to tell you such pinterest crafts , which you can try every day to make the home decor completely new-

Give A New Look To Old Pots

A person holding a pot

Start the first day with the garden or kitchen garden of the house. If there are beautiful-looking pots with colorful flowers in the garden, then their beauty will increase even more, and your mind will also be happy. You can give a beautiful look to these pots by decorating them with things available at home. For this, first, clean the outer part of the pot with a cloth or brush. After this, you can fill the color by making your desired picture on the pots. If you want, you can also decorate the pots by covering them with a ribbon. Apart from this, you can also make flowers on the pots by painting them with bright colors. If you know how to knit crochet, you can also cover your pots and make them look new. 

The Worn-out Mat Will Look Like New

A cake made to look like a cup

Doormats are there in the house to keep the house clean, but after a few months of use, their color becomes dull, or the paint applied on them comes out. There is no need to throw such mats as useless. You can use them by re-decorating them. First, with the help of sandpaper, level the rough edges of the doormat beforehand. After this, clean the doormat with a cloth or brush. Now on this, you keep sticking the old kids lying at home one by one. For this, you can use a quick fix or hot glue. After this, you paint the lids in different colors and create your desired design. If you want, you can also make your favorite cartoon or flower. 


If you want to give a stylish look to your slippers, then you can decorate them in many ways. If you want to give a fluffy look to the slippers from old clothes, then for this first, take two different colored fabrics as shown in the picture and cut long strips from which the knots can be tied on the slippers. After this, tie the knot on the strap of the slipper with pink-colored fabric and keep the knot upwards. After this, tie a similar knot with the other colored fabric. When the strap of the slippers is completely covered with these fabrics, then you join these fabrics by sewing them in the middle. The wider your stripes, the more full-bodied the sandal will look. Apart from this, you can also decorate your slippers with multicolor balloons, lace, and ribbons. If you know knitting, then you can also beautifully cover the straps of your slippers with wool and make flower designs on them. These pinterest crafts can be easily found on google.

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