Quick and Easy Origami Boxes Idea

Do you need quick and easy origami box folding instructions? Look no further! In this blog post, we will give you 7 different ideas for origami boxes that are perfect for storing your stuff. origami boxes are surprisingly sturdy and can be used to store a variety of items. Whether you’re looking for a way to organize your office or just need some extra storage space, origami boxes are the perfect solution!

To get started, all you need is a sheet of origami paper. If you don’t have origami paper, you can use any type of paper as long as it’s square. Once you have your paper, follow the instructions below to fold your origami box.

1. Fun Origami Box for Kids

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For some fun and creativity in the home, try out this origami box. It’s easy! All you need is 6 sheets of 17cm x 1 7mm coloured paper to create your very own little package that’ll be great as a gift or just for playing around with friends over tea time.

2. Origami Hinged Gift Box

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Take your origami art to the next level by making this hinged gift box. A great new and creative way for you or someone else will be able to use it as a Recovery framework, without any more wrapping needed! You need 2 sheets of 21” x 29 7 cm rectangular paper (or if using measuring tape measure around outside edges).

3. Patchwork Paper Origami Gift Boxes

What’s more fun than giving someone an awesome origami gift box? These colourful and delightfully folding boxes are perfect. You can make them in any colour or design that you want to give your recipient something they’ll love! All it takes is 4 squares of paper for each side, glueing the ends together at one point like so; then just fold over once more before sealing with tapes along all edges (or use stickers). It doesn’t matter what kind–washi tape works well because it’s water-resistant but durable enough not to withstand long-term exposure outside their container).

4. Modular Origami Infinity-Box

Modular origami infinity boxes are a gift that can be used for any occasion. This particular type of box requires no glue and comes with instructions so detailed, they will leave your heart singing! You need four sheets to make the base (paper) as well as lids – one sheet per side; it’s all about washi tape now though because this design is too beautiful not to use some decoration on its surface like wrapping paper or stickers.

5. Hinged Origami Box

Hinged Origami Boxes – Learn the secrets of this ancient art form with these easy-to-use instructions! These boxes are made from one sheet of paper and can be opened up like a door or lid. You’ll end up making your gift box that’s perfect for any occasion, without spending too much money at all (especially if you find yourself short on cash).

6. Origami Box Fairy Lights

When designing your next party, don’t forget about the bombs! These paper balloons will add a fun and colourful touch to any event. They’re also great for covering strings of LED lights so that you can have gorgeous rainbows or other designs on them at night time in every room – not just where there’s an open space like outside by candlelight but even inside over tables during daytime hours too (although this might attract some attention).

7. Snap Lock Origami Box

Snap Lock Paper Box: What’s more interesting than one origami box? Two boxes. The first is a snap-lock design that will amaze you with its complexity and beauty when it’s done constructing polygon shapes into this handsomely designed container! In addition, there are instructions on how to make other cool creations like aeroplanes or trains out paper clips too if your kids want something other than just “our” work displayed around their room


Origami boxes are a great way to store your stuff. They’re easy to make and you can use any type of paper. Follow the instructions above to make your origami box. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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