Toilet Paper Tube Crafts – Easy Kid Craft Projects For Halloween

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There are all sorts of toilet paper tube crafts you could try, ranging from large wall decor to small wreaths to tiny jewelry. With that said, the most interesting projects you will do with the tubes would be kid related. Kids of all ages love to make anything they can do well. And these simple tube projects are just what you need to spice up your kids’ bathroom.

One of the more popular craft ideas for kids is a toilet paper tube that houses various little characters. For example, your child can make Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants or any other character that they have a favorite. This would not only make a cute project but it would also encourage the kids to use their imagination and creativity and learn how to enjoy their creative abilities.

Main Objects

Crafts that include objects made from cardboard and the environment are always popular. Toilet paper tubes that are made from cardboard can be purchased fairly cheaply at your local office supply or home improvement store. If you don’t want to buy cardboard tubes, you could create your own by using any type of paper that’s appropriate for a child’s project. Cardboard works well, as it is quite sturdy. A good idea for this craft would be to turn the plain cardboard into different colors and patterns, such as flowers, hearts, and so on.

Before you begin, you’ll need one or two craft brushes. These brushes are made of soft, flexible foam, like those that you use for making arts and crafts. The paint doesn’t come off this type of brush very easily. You will also need one or two rolls of paper and a clear, colored plastic marker, such as the kind used for writing.

Collect Items

Next, you’ll want to collect the items you will need to make your completed tube. This includes paper, a marker, scissors, glue, and a small amount of paint (depending on the size of your recycled cardboard tubes). Carefully cut each sheet of recycled paper to fit, and then carefully tape them together with clear tape. The area where the hole is supposed to go should have a fold in it; but, if you don’t, just mark it off with a sharpie marker. Now you can sit down at your computer and print out the image, you need to fill in the “hole” of the paper.

For the next part of this Halloween craft, you will need to cut strips of cardboard in the same color or pattern as your “tray” is. You may choose to make a square or circle that will fit snugly inside the “tray.” Glue the strip or circles onto the bottom of your cardboard tub. Next, glue together some clear, colored cellophane bags as wings for your “bat” that will hang from the front. These can be purchased at craft stores, or better yet, make your own out of heavy-duty freezer bags.

Final Tip 

Now, you are ready to hang everything together! Take your tube and simply attach the wing to the end of your PVC bag. Secure it firmly. Make sure your kids understand how important this project is to you, and they will enjoy putting the toilet tube in their mouth, if you allow them to do so. Now you are all set to have hours of fun at Halloween. Your kids will have created something great, and you will have the satisfaction that you are helping them learn about the environment while having a little bit of fun as well.


If you find this idea is a little outside of your comfort zone, or don’t feel like spending hours of time making a DIY paper tube craft, then consider using an inexpensive paint roller to let dry paint come through your plastic tubing. If you decide to go this route, it is best to let dry paint sit for about 24 hours before wrapping or applying the tubing to your homemade creation. This will ensure your paper tube’s color doesn’t fade.

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