What is Historic art

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Historic art is an art that has been preserved for many years. The historic artwork tells us about the world at the time they were created, it’s more interesting to think about what they can tell us today. Some pieces have a clear message about their time, others need more work to find out what they mean. One thing is sure though: it’s fascinating how a small detail in a picture can tell us so much about the moment when it was created. Historic art is all around us, from big museums to little details on buildings and books. And for everyone, there are works that you just love or hate, but that is part of the fun in historic art!

Famous Museums for Historic art around the world?

A waterfall with a mountain in the background

Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

British Museum in London, UK.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA.

What is the difference between historic art and contemporary art?

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Historic pieces are important to us because they show us what things were like at that time – or they tell stories about people who lived then or events that happened then. They are often made by famous artists, but not all works are created by famous artists! And even if an artist isn’t well known among his/her peers at the time it was created, his/her work can still be historically important for other reasons. For example: maybe everyone liked a piece so much that it got copied over and over, or maybe it was bought by a very important person. More than art, historic art is also important because of the information it holds about their time, and the people who were part of that moment in history.

Contemporary art on the other hand is usually meant to be an expression of what artists think about their world at the time they are living in. It’s mostly made by young artists – but not always! – and can sometimes speak about events happening right now.

Historic pieces act as sources for us to understand more clearly what happened (and possibly why) during times long gone by. As such, they’re created by artists that we consider important and influential for their time.

Contemporary art is usually made by young artists – but not always! – and can sometimes speak about events happening right now.

What makes pieces historic?

-Typically, historic pieces are old. They last a long time because people valued them or they were created to be lasting such as stone carvings on buildings or woodcuts in books. The artist might have been famous at the time it was created, however many times this isn’t the case and the work becomes historically significant later on when someone finds out who did it or why it’s important.

Why is Historic Art important?

These pieces help us to understand better how life was like back then with stories, messages or events. They also tell us about famous artists who made their marks in art history, which is important too.

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